Tanzania - Kenya - Zanzibar

N$ 340,454
N$ 251,589

10-Day Exceptional Safari

N$ 200,312

11-Day Safari To Southern Tanzania

N$ 351,821
N$ 282,432

13 days of East Africa

This itinerary offers a comprehensive safari experience, showcasing some of the finest locations and activities in Kenya and Tanzania, with the option to extend to Zanzibar for added relaxation. It includes the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, renowned …

N$ 93,663
N$ 88,937

7-Day Romantic Breakaway: Safari and Zanzibar

N$ 176,946
N$ 127,938

8 Day Southern Tanzania

The southern national parks in Tanzania stand out not only for their lower visitor numbers compared to those in the north but also for harboring some of the largest wildlife populations in the country and arguably, some of Africa's most …

N$ 423,474

8-Days of Family Fun in Kenya

N$ 878,833

9-Day Family Adventure

N$ 188,990
N$ 185,866

9-Day Northern Tanzania Bush and Island Adventure

Picture waking up to the enticing scent of freshly brewed coffee, surrounded by the verdant expanse of one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations. This idyllic setting is Arusha Coffee Lodge, your inaugural stop on an expedition through northern …

N$ 214,914

9-day Thrilling Kenyan Safari